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2022-2023 Catholic School Council Nominees

Your nominees for 2022-2023 Catholic School Council:  For the Position of CHAIR: Marcos Paulino
Marcos Paulino is an active member of #AuroraNewmarket and has worked closely with our communities since 2008. Has served on Catholic School Council in the Literacy and Numeracy Committees, has coached AYSC soccer teams, and served for over 5 years as Director of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce and ... Continue reading "2022-2023 Catholic School Council Nominees"

Grade 9 Integrated Arts Showcase

The goal for our three Grade 9 Integrated Arts classes was to create and organize a commemoration of the pandemic.  We involved the entire school community in the process so that everyone had the opportunity to contribute their COVID experiences.  While our plan was to create a dynamic installation in the Triangle at school, the emergence of Omicron brought new challenges and we made the ... Continue reading "Grade 9 Integrated Arts Showcase"