The Arts Department is a vibrant and engaging department that works towards feeding our natural thirst for beauty, creativity and pushing limits! We pride ourselves in teaching students to exercise their artistic interests through the creative process while developing lifelong skills such as collaboration, teamwork, creative problem solving, effective communication, and time management.

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Sacred Heart is the home of the Crusaders. We are proud of our Athletic program which spans over 40 years. Students are encouraged to participate in our excellent athletic program.

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Our chaplaincy team oversees many of the faith elements of the Sacred Heart community, such as school masses, morning liturgies, liturgical celebrations, student mentorship and leadership, retreats, and much more!

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Co-operative Education

Co-operative Education is an opportunity to provide students a combination of classroom-based education with practical work experience. Students are able to “test drive” a potential career of interest in hopes to solidify what they would like to do in the future.

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Sacred Heart’s English department works with students to help foster and develop important literacy skills and the ability to engage in higher level, critical thinking. Students are provided various opportunities to demonstrate careful analysis and to make connections between texts, personal experience and with the world around them.

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English as a Second Language (ESL)

We provide English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs to assist English language learners from diverse linguistic and educational backgrounds in attaining English language proficiency. These programs help to maximize student learning, participation and integration. ESL programs are provided for newcomers from other countries as well as Canadian born students whose first language is a language other than English, or is a variety of English that is significantly different from the variety used for instruction in Ontario schools.

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The Guidance Department is here to support you.  It’s a safe space for students to access resources and information on post-secondary opportunities, pathway planning, speciality programs, scheduling, academic strategies, success tips, and mental wellness supports.  The Guidance Counsellor’s role is to discuss and guide, but not to make decisions for students.  Students are encouraged to make use of various planning tools in order to make informed decisions about their pathways.  Counsellors also provide referrals and liaise with community social service agencies when necessary.

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Health and Physical Education

Sacred Heart’s Health and Physical Education Department offers a wide variety of courses from grades 9 to 12. Our staff strives to develop the whole student (body, mind & spirit) throughout our teaching practices.

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The Sacred Heart Library Learning Commons is a Learning Hub that fosters and nourishes reading, learning literacies, technology competencies, digital discipleship, research and inquiry skills, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and pathways. Central to the life of the school, the Library Learning Commons is a safe space for all and reflects and respects the Gospel values of equity, diversity, and cultural identity. Our Library Learning Commons is a collaborative learning community focused on improving student achievement and engaging both students and teachers in the learning process. Our library learning commons space is available for students to use during the day and our library website, full of resources and research databases, is available for students to use 24/7.

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French language programs are designed to provide non-francophone children with a high degree of proficiency in the French language. French is not only a subject, but a language of instruction and a means of communication.

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Religious education addresses how students view themselves and others in their social and religious contexts. In turn, this helps students understand and respond to the world around them. Religious education courses help students become self-motivated problem solvers equipped with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to face their changing world with confidence. This is accomplished through practical experience, discussion, debate, research, reflection, prayer and discernment, and the development of critical and creative thinking skills.

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The science department at Sacred Heart offers courses in all science disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science. These courses are open to students at all pathways including Advanced Placement. We offer numerous co-curricular clubs and activities that provide students with opportunities for authentic experiences at the school and in the community.

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Technological Studies

Have you ever wanted to learn about harnessing the technology that surrounds you to create amazing feats of engineering and communication?  Sacred Heart Tech is where you need to be!  When you  take a course in the Technological Studies Department, you’ll be learning about the creative design processes that help you not only come up with ideas, but how to iterate, improve, and realize them into actual final products.

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