All clothing items must be purchased at DGN Kilters. (170 Industrial Parkway North, Aurora ON)

Expected Uniform


  • Embroidered Golf Shirt, Long Sleeve/Short Sleeve
  • Embroidered Zip Polo Sweatshirt

**The top each student wears MUST include a collar.  This is easily achieved by wearing the polo shirt and/or the quarter zip sweater.

Grey Dress Pants

  • Must be embroidered with the Sacred Heart logo
  • Must be worn at the waist and not cut off or frayed at the bottom


  • Solid black shoes only
  • Closed footwear must be worn under the pant leg
  • Sandals/clogs/slippers may not be worn on any uniform days

Reasons for Expected Behaviour

The idea of the school uniform has been supported by both parents and staff.  Students who enrol at Sacred Heart do so with a full awareness of the uniform requirements.  Therefore, when a student chooses Sacred Heart CHS, he or she implicitly agrees to abide by their initial commitment.

Both staff and parents regard the uniform as a means of creating a distinct school identity.

The uniform is intended to reduce competition in fashion, minimize clothing costs and equalize the economic playing field for our students and their families.  It is the official policy of YCDSB that all students in the secondary system support and wear a school uniform during the school day.

Students who do not respect the dress code are in effect undermining the school community goal of establishing a distinct school identity.

Add-ons, or different, unacceptable clothing undermine the concept of “uniform”.