Catholic School Council

The Catholic School council is an important organization for parents and others in the community. The Education Improvement Commission, in a recent report, enthusiastically endorsed the involvement of parents in their children’s education and proposed a meaningful role for school councils. The fundamental purpose of school council is to improve student learning, and the commission recommended three vehicles that will allow school councils to achieve this purpose:

  • to foster participation by parents and partnerships with community groups
  • to be involved in plans to improve the school
  • to influence decisions made by principals, school boards and the Ministry of Education and Training

Sacred Heart has a very active school council, and we encourage all parents to consider their involvement on the council. Many educational studies have shown that parents who stay involved in their child’s education at the high school level see tangible results including improved academic achievement; positive attitudes towards school; more success with homework; and consistent attendance at school.

Please join us at our Council meetings and visit the school website on a regular basis to become more informed about the decisions that we make regarding your school community. With your participation and ideas, we can make a difference!

Executive Council

Catholic School Council Membership Team:
  • Rachel Egan – Co-Chair
  • Crystal Slattery – Co-Chair
  • Janice Mellary – Past Chair
  • Ruth Corpuz – Treasurer
  • Paula Maczuszenko – Community Representative
  • Secretary – TBD
  • OAPCE Rep. – TBD
  • Parish Rep. – Kelly Pickard-Lefterys
  • Teacher Rep. – Patricia Warecki
  • Non-Teaching Rep. – Petra Fera
  • Student Rep. – Preston Cosentino
  • Member at Large – Laura Ferrie
  • Member at Large – Jemva Morgan
  • Member at Large – Mary Jo Nabuurs
  • Member at Large – Dana Tolles
  • Member at Large – Natalie D’Souza