AP Success Story

My name is Jacob Omorodion a Canadian Citizen, a resident of Newmarket, an MBA graduate and a happily married father of four children. I am honoured to be able to write a little abstract about the York Catholic District School Board PACE program (Program for Academic and Creative Extension). I presently have a son in the grade 12 PACE program at Sacred Heart Catholic High School and two older children who also went through the program at the same school.

The program through proper entrance testing done by YCDSB is structured for students who can handle the extra workload. The school in collaboration with the student and parents prepares an IEP (Individual Education Plan) for each student every year. The PACE program creates an environment where succeeding through hard work and critical thinking is encouraged. Students of like minds and intellectual standards are placed together, which creates a synergetic effect in development and learning amongst the collective body of students. I feel the students in the program are positively pushed and nurtured to reach their full potential. In discussions with my children who have passed through and my child who is currently in the program, I am always surprised and impressed with their reasoning abilities. The program definitely improved their drive, intellectual curiosity and an overall sense of purpose. They seem to have this insatiable appetite for knowledge and are always researching. One thing I know the program has instilled in them is that there is nothing they can’t achieve with proper focus and hard work.

The PACE program prepares students for an easy transition into the rigorous academic expectation of university programs. My oldest child Jacklyn recently graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from McMaster University (summa cum laude) in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Her goal is to become a Medical Doctor. My other son Jacob Jr. is studying Political Science at McGill University. In his last year at SHCHS he took the AP exams and got distinction in all 5 courses taken, which lead to a year’s exemption at McGill. He is now going to be able to finish a four year political science program in three years. He is planning on going to Law School upon completion of his bachelor’s program. The PACE program played a huge role in their successes so far.

I would like to use this medium to say thank you to the immediate PACE teachers, the principals and the school board. The PACE program is a big plus to our school system, which is leading to a better educated populace and a better Canada for us all.

Jacob A. Omorodion