AP Myth vs. Reality

Myth: AP has a lot of extra work.

“When I was deciding whether or not I should apply for the AP program, one of my biggest concerns was the work load. During the first few weeks in the program, I realized that we had a very reasonable amount of work, and I was really relieved that I had applied. One of the reasons I really enjoy the AP program is that rather than doing a lot of extra work, we learn additional material using unique and helpful approaches. This includes using programs such as Google Docs and D2L, which make our work more rewarding and fun.” Alex, Grade 9 Student

Myth: AP is too stressful.

“Like many other students entering into the AP program, I was afraid that the accelerated pace would mean more work and more stress. I soon learned that this is a myth. AP classes are smaller, taught by amazing teachers and filled with other dedicated students. In this environment I was pushed to my true potential, learned a lot from my peers and discovered how to manage my work effectively. As long as you show up to class, pay attention and do your homework, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” Ben, Grade 12 Student

Myth: My mark will go down because of AP.

The AP learning enviornment is conducive to a higher level of learning, where we are surrounded with similarly strong students as well as passionate and knowledgeable teachers, thus allowing us as students to achieve a deeper understanding of the course material. This sets us up for success, and coupled with the multiplier of 1.05 which is applied to our mark allows us to maitain the marks we want while still learning at a more in depth level. Michael, Grade 11 Student