AP Experience

AP courses go beyond the textbook.

“In the AP community, you will experience much more than just memorizing facts. Our teachers use a hands-on approach that makes information interesting and memorable, through creative assignments that encourage critical thinking and a stretch beyond the obvious. They make me love what I learn.” Rebecca, Grade 11 Student

AP courses go more in depth.

“The AP curriculum covers more information about a specific subject in a course. Instead of merely “touching on” a topic, we examine a topic in depth and apply what we learn into a variety of challenging projects throughout the course that further our understanding of the information.” Kelly, Grade 10 Student

AP teachers are welcoming.

“Going into the AP program, I was quite apprehensive, knowing that many of the other students had already created friendships. Despite this worry, I was immediatly greeted with incredibly welcoming classmates, and have made some of my greatest friends through the AP program. Our teachers have also bonded with us very well, and always teach to meet our needs.” Shannon, Grade 9 Student

AP teachers are passionate.

“In the AP program, teachers look to take teaching students to a whole new level, putting in extra time to ensure not only success from all students, but also that every student enjoys themselves in an environment where they are able to play to their talents.” Ryan, Grade 10 Student

AP students are supportive.

“My classmates don’t bite. Can’t solve a problem? Chances are a classmate can – and they are always willing to explain and help. We even form study groups – to tackle the toughest problems and help each other study for tests and exams. It feels great learning with like-minded individuals.” Aaron, Grade 11 Student

AP teachers are here to help.

“The AP program provides first access to opportunities such as leadership conferences and university funded programs. With knowledgeable teachers who are equipped to provide extensive information, students in the AP program are guaranteed to succeed.” Renee, Grade 12 Student

In Grade 9, as part of the AP-Preparatory (AP-Prep) Geography course, students visit the Canadian Ecology Centre.

“Going to the Canadian Ecology Centre was a unique experience as I learned a lot about different areas of geography I couldn’t learn in a classroom and I was able to socialize and learn more about my classmates. Some of the fun activities we did included using GPS’s and making maps, learning about different types of trees and how they are recorded. We also played a game of man hunt that covered the whole ecology centre and listened to wolves howling at night. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone.” Matthew, Grade 9 Student