AP Benefits

AP develops university-level learning skills.

“In AP, you have a class of highly motivated students who are willing to work very hard and are interested in the material they are learning, leading to an overall better learning experience. Of all the benefits of the AP program though, the most significant I believe is the preparation it gives you for transitioning to university, which can be difficult for many students. As a result of the heavier work load AP students face, it helps you to develop good study habits and time management skills; essential skills for surviving university. Students will also find that many of the concepts they learn in their senior AP courses or by taking the AP exams will be concepts that are taught at the first year-university level as well, which helps to ease the transition into university. Overall, the AP program helps to build well-rounded students who are given the opportunity to succeed through high school and university.” Nick, AP Graduate at McMaster University

AP better prepares students for university.

“The AP program teaches you to focus on multiple projects and lessons at once, which trains you for life in university.” Alex, AP Graduate at York University

AP helps students stand out in university applications.

“The AP experience extends beyond the high school curriculum. It helps students who are focused on their education prepare for university, making the transition and application process smoother. The community is welcoming and wants the best for their students.” Tamara, AP Graduate at Carleton University

AP lets students find their passion earlier.

“Right from a young age I was challenged and encouraged to explore new topics. The AP program has allowed me to excel, find my passions and become the person I am today.” Alec, Grade 12 Student

AP builds confidence.

“The AP program has equipped me with the confidence to believe in my abilities and approach difficult problems. I am currently enrolled in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto. AP has given me the capability to keep up with my workload and encouraged me to find positions at companies such as Toronto Rehab.” Fady, AP Graduate at the University of Toronto