Advanced Placement Program

The AP Program

The Advanced Placement Program (AP) program is an internationally-recognized program developed by the College Board and provides students with the opportunity to take university-level courses in high school. Students can also earn advanced standing at universities if they successfully write a standardized AP exam.

For more information, please visit the AP Canada website or the Explore AP website

AP at the YCDSB

At the YCDSB, AP/PACE courses are specifically modified to meet gifted students’ needs by extending the depth and/or breadth of covered topics, compacting content for rapid pacing, substituting different or more abstract materials, and providing enrichment learning experiences. The AP curriculum is spread over four years of classes at the YCDSB. As a result, students cover the curriculum for Grades 9-12 plus first year university material by the end of Grade 12 – they cover five years of material spread out over four years.